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The development of packaging boxes printing process

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After the printing process is an important step for processing corrugated road , in a very long time, corrugated boxes as a single main form of transport packaging are widely used, which also determines the printing process to stay in the simple lines of text printing stage , has been lack of rapid development.

But with the growing packaging market , a single carton transport function gradually shift to the sales function , the purchase of consumer psychology and aesthetic concepts are changing ; growing export commodities also forced domestic carton production to international standards , on the one hand and India after processing the increasingly high demand , on the other hand on the environmental performance of products also made ??requests. Corrugated carton bears the dual task of transportation of goods , merchandise display and promotion. Its eye-catching colors more vivid , more beautifully printed pattern , the only way to attract customer interest , stimulate desire to buy. This requires to meet the strength of the corrugated box while printing with excellent surface quality , multicolor color printing carton gradually becoming the future development direction of printing .

Box printing technology introduction

At present, China's corrugated box printing diverse, mainly offset printing , flexo direct printing , flexo or gravure pre- printing, screen printing and digital printing just the rise in recent years . Where corrugated flexo ink for its advantages in the plates , inks, printing pressure , printing efficiency and other aspects of the market occupied the major carton printing . Each has its advantages and disadvantages printing and printability range to choose the right printing process according to the actual situation and the characteristics of the product carton .

Offset printing process cartons

Offset printing plate-making process with a simple , low cost, high speed advantage , is the most widely used indirect printing technology, books, newspapers, printing, paper packaging and printing has been dominant. And a graphic part of the plate blank portion which is almost on the same plane , when the printing plate先向water, wet the blank portion , and then applying the ink after the application of the principle of ink repulsion of oil and water is transferred to the blanket , the re-transfer to the substrate to complete a printing process .

Offset printed corrugated box is divided into indirect offset printing and direct printing two ways. Indirect printing was first printed corrugated box facial tissue , then use the stand-alone complex mounted corrugated . Offset product line screens up to 200 lines / inch , exquisite designs , quality and stability , and high quality. PS plate making easier , but also for film, polishing and other surface finishing processes in the current high-end packaging carton printing sales accounted for a substantial proportion .

Offset printing is a relatively mature technology , printing speed, but this method is not suitable linkage cardboard production line , finished lower productivity, process complex, long cycle. Since the offset printing process used in the fountain solution , paper moisture content will increase , and also easy to produce improper control misregistration fault . Combined with offset printing pressure, limited printing format and other factors, can not meet the needs of high-volume carton production .

From cardboard processing point of view, the mounted after the offset printing process , also due to excessive pressure and colloidal water left over , so flat carton compressive strength , bonding strength and other technical indicators is difficult to meet the requirements of luxury goods packaging . In addition, there is no offset relative environmental impact of their use of ink is also to promote the use of another obstacle.

Products developed using micro- corrugated carton industry is the development trend of the future , offset printing is the best way of its processing . Corrugated boxes are currently in foreign direct offset printing process is relatively mature , the production of corrugated board can be placed directly on a special offset printing. The process can guarantee cartons formability , but also to complete the fine print glossy paper , but the printing presses are higher, and the price is more expensive, longer period of time will not promote the use of small and medium enterprises in the country .

Box flexo process

Photopolymer flexographic printing plate technology uses flexible , its graphic part protruding sunken blank part , using a squeegee , anilox short inking ink transfer printing , is a form of relief printing processes.

Flexo carton production process is also divided into flexographic printing and pre- printed directly in two ways . Direct printing using water-based inks for printing directly on corrugated board , is currently in our carton printing is widely used.

Flexo printing with large format, multi- color , high-quality benefits. The maximum width wide flexo machine up 2.5m ~ 2.8m, flexo printing units can simultaneously print 6 colors. Flexo printing performance using different network cable pattern , make outlets delicate, colorful, strong consistency . In addition , the way the light pressure flexo printing , on the strength of corrugated board small destructive. Use water-based ink printing, lower prices and green, suitable for use as an export commodity packaging . This mode can be linked production , printing, slotting , creasing and other processes once completed , and after the first offset higher pasting processing methods compared efficiency.

However, due to the flexible plate compression deformation, ink transfer and printing pressure is difficult to control the problem , dot pattern highlights serious easily lost or increase in the darkened part of the network of around 85% and the level of the ground state will range tone can be copied narrow, only about 8 % to 85 %, so some of the rich layers of originals difficult flexographic presents its rich gradation and color. When working with flexo cartons , the general production speed is about 100 meters -300 meters per minute , although many flexo machine speed can reach 600 meters per minute , but if you really with this speed carton printing production, will be impact ink formulation and substrate surface treatment and other factors which appear in many printing failures. Coupled with high-speed printing process equipment is difficult to maintain a stable , multi-color overprint exquisite designs make difficulties . This makes the current carton flexo printing quality for most middle and low status in direct printing , printing speed to be improved.

Advances in flexographic printing technology , ink will gradually change to improve the quality of flexo printing speed issues . The closure system using the squeegee can fully guarantee less surface area contact of the ink roller, diamond, hexagonal mesh with side hole provides better ink flow in the high speed printing can be preferably maintained effective ink ink system.

Preprinting process cartons

The main methods of pre-printed gravure and flexo preprint preprinted , pre-printed intaglio which went mainly using gravure or flexo printing on roll paper after printing is still a roll rewinding , then printed web of paper as cardboard surface tile lines made ??of corrugated box board , then cutting into the box craft. Pre- printed paper directly on the smooth conduct , compared with the cardboard surface printing , levels can be richer, more vibrant colors exquisite color printing, quality is more stable and reliable. Pre- printing process to avoid damage directly caused by the strength of the printed cartons , cartons are high quality printing and molding , printing using the web , you can achieve non-stop for paper , suitable for high-quality , high-volume production. Pre- printed pattern tile production line for cardboard , we must consider the factors pattern when cut , so to install optical tracking control system on the transverse cross-section of the knife , so that the boundary of the pattern can be accurately cut cardboard.

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