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[Red wine package box] Which material is beter

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As the number of red wine brand become more and more, how to occupy the market become the first question every red wine sellers should consider. A beautiful red wine package box can obviously increase the sales volume and can help to occupy the market easily. How to make our red wine package box more attractive? You will find some idea in the following article.

1. Log wine box
Material: Mainly rosewood box, oak box, cherry wood box, walnut box, beech box, pine box and paulownia ect.

Log Wine Box

2. imitation mahogany box
Material:High density board (mainly painted wooden box, wooden box, wooden box,sticker, affixed to skin patch box, PVC wooden box)

imitation mahogany box

3. leather wine box:
Material: PU, PVC (can supplement other decorative materials, such aswallpaper, fabric and other) This is the trend of the market, with many advantages:
A. color advantage: because the surface is re spray coloring. Color selection is far more than the wooden box, fully meet the carton level, to what color what color spray.
B. texture advantages: wooden texture less; due to the thickness of the paper thin paper, artificial texture without a heavy feeling; only cortical packing box can wood texture, can also be a paper texture, is the sum of the two, also can imitate the brushed metal, plastic, cloth, marble, ceramic, bronze etc. texture;
C. The thickness advantage: cortical packing box is involved in wood and paper, protect the people use a good sense of the contact process, overcome the paper light feeling, but not wood heavy feeling; may be just perfect.
D. The strength advantage: the paper is easily broken, tear and rotten: Wood stiffness, ninety percent off broken; only the cortex "toughness" overcome various defects above, the perfect interpretation of the characteristics of soft in the band just.
E. Compatibility advantage: different color, texture, thickness of paper and wood, designed in the same products, are often not very good compatibility, because of conflicting and obtrusive. The cortex is win by natural texture, with a piece of leather, leather back and belly is the same, but the feeling is completely different, people have accepted this natural different. So take a cortical compatibility.
F. Price and time advantage: between cortical packaging box price intervention in the paper and wood, wood and paper between the time is. Can basically meet the design and production of construction period, but also can satisfy the different positioning of the market sales.

Integrated with cortical packaging features, not only as hard as wood, such as cloth with soft, color paper, toughness was; and, have irreplaceable and human intimate contact with the similar close proximity.

leather wine box

4, metal wine box: aluminum alloy, iron, zinc alloy and other alloy etc.

metal wine box

5. Paper package box: paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, special paper etc.

Paper package box

Paper package boxPaper package box

6. Paper can: iron cover, paper and can

Paper can


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