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Green packaging industry mainly use these paper products

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Paper is a very common kind of packaging material , a large share of the market in the packaging material , green packaging is now advocating era , therefore , the paper packaging industry should focus on environmental protection . Packaging materials currently used to make paper , there are many , now we simply introduce several commonly used packaging paper : corrugated paper , white version of the paper, white cardboard , glass, cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper .

Corrugated paper is embossed with uneven heating by Facer corrugated paper , packaging paper which is very strong, lightweight , load pressure, but also shock, moisture and easier to transport. Extensive use of corrugated paper , can be used as transport packaging and packaging .

White paper, thick texture, firm , smooth white paper , with a very good force strength, surface strength , folding and printing adaptability, suitable for making folding boxes , metal packaging , sanitary ware box . White paper can also be used to make the tag , lining and plastic packaging end of care, but also because of its low price , and therefore the most widely used .

White cardboard and glass, cardboard , white cardboard paper firm, white and smooth. Shiny glass card paper . Both paper price is more expensive , it is generally used for wine, gift boxes , cosmetic , logo, and other high-end product packaging.
Kraft , which is very environmentally friendly packaging paper , kraft paper exports Fen basically all boxes and it is inexpensive and affordable.

Coated paper, this paper uses advanced materials wood, cotton fiber, and refined. After a super calender , paper white, smooth and high adhesion big , strong waterproof ink can be printed up after revealing a bright white , suitable for multi-color offset printing . After printing colorful levels varied, graphic clarity , the paper is one of the most popular on the market today .


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