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China Propose frugality, simple packaging becomes a new trend

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At the Third China ( Shanxi ) characteristics of agricultural trade fair , the reporter interviewed a number of companies packaging creative display area learned that, after " frugality " and other regulations introduced, native hit hard luxury packaging , packaging companies are exploring take the simple route .

4 pounds 6 two tea boxes , inlaid with gold silver inlay really complicated , in addition to produce 7.93 +0.141.80 % of packaging is not what ...... excessive packaging products for the people had long criticized .

"Before the native packaging to high-end in doing it, the more rare the process more complex material more customers welcome ." The general manager of a packaging company in Taiyuan Zhiyong said , many customers asked to use leather craft , regardless of whether the right . This year , luxury gift packaging company's business volume declined by more than half , Leather package until now no one has reservations.
Insiders, the Central last year introduced the " eight provisions ," " Six ban" , this year's Mid-Autumn Day gifts also stressed resolutely check unhealthy practices of public funds , especially the native market is to reduce the demand for high-end products , the corresponding case of the packaging industry cold . Additionally, national advocacy " practice economy and combat waste ," has changed people's consumption concept , native gift wrap worse.

Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. Shanxi Chen Gong boutique division head Gao Rong Ju said that this year, sales of high-end souvenir gift market is not good, return to rational design of packaging , packaging and more emphasis on practical and beautiful customers , and also requires prominent characteristics of the product itself , but also more concerned about design creativity. Mid-Autumn Festival this year, do produce gift packaging, the company adjusted its development strategy , suggested a simple solution to the customer , the market is very popular.
" In recent years, both to develop native country , and many also founded his own brand , consumers agree packaged products, native products packaging demand is growing ." Shanxi black and white packaging products company , general manager of King Chun Ru said, this has given rise to the middle of the ocean seeking luxury packaging demand phenomenon .
Jing Chun Ru said , the national advocacy thrifty , reversing the native packaging industry luxury style, each native products processing enterprises began to choose according to their own product packaging design, positioning , great minimalist style prevalent trend. "Simple packaging reduces waste and reduce product costs, both social and economic double benefits, is also very popular in the industry welcome ."

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