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An “Package” encounter with the French old guy

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the French old guy

Two years before, we receive an inquiry from a Frenchman. He said he wanted to purchase some tin cans for his spices (pepper, etc.), When I heard this my first thought is our package is made by paper and wood but not suitable for his products. I read attached images he sent out of courtesy, however, I found this French friend have a good understanding on design. Based on the can plane graph of the cans he designed, I replied politely: If we can use paper as raw material, we will save a lot of costs and paper cans is literally ecofriendly. The I recommend the following products to him.

Recommand Product

Soon, he replied he was very interested in our suggestion and he would attend an exhibition in two month. On that exhibition he would bring out our product, only if we can cooperate with him to finish his designing. Meanwhile, he sent us a lot of professional terms, like nozzle, shower, tank relief. When I analyzed this email with our engineering department colleague, we inspired a lot and solve the problem of pouring of pepper. Afterwards, we sent email to each other every day! Try to work out the best solution for our customers. The following picture shows how the we contact with each other.

box design

chat log

test report

During the two month communicating and cooperating with the French old man, both of us were actively searching for a best way to solve the problems. Although we spend half a year and a lot of human resources to finish this order, we become very good friends. In this 2 years’ time, we received the greeting from this old man on every vacation. Yesterday, another customer put and order. Although this is not a large order, Hope-star adhere the idea of creating the business value for our customer, using the least cost to help them sell their product. In this encounter with the French friend, we can feel the warmth and happiness. Whatever you are a big or normal customer, we treat you as one. Work happily, live seriously!

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